The Wellnes Hotel Skalka offers accommodation in 1-4 bed rooms with the total capacity of 40 beds. The location, indoor and outdoor sports and relaxation facilities make the hotel suitable for a wide range of customers. It is suitable both for families with kids, individuals, as well as for teams of sportsmen, or corporate clientele, or groups of friends, who long for spending a week, or weekend in the mountains together.

Each room features a small entrance hall, social facilities and TV, almost each room has access to a balcony. WiFi is a matter of course, as well as satellite reception of foreign programs. There is a bath sheet, towel and soap prepared for every guest.

The Skalka Hotel is located in the center of Benecko. Its segmentation, corners, as well as a vast grassy area provide sufficient privacy for our guests accommodated in the hotel. Merely the guests accommodated in our hotel can access a swimming pool, as well as premises at the outdoor grill, the kids attractions and the terrace in the southern part.

The is a parking lot next to the hotel, where the guests accommodated in the Skalka hotel can park. Parking is free of charge in summer, for a reasonable charge in winter. Parking in front of the hotel is only possible on a short time basis, this being for the purpose of visiting the restaurant.