Wellness & SPA

There is an inside roofed swimming pool available for the club members, 7m x 4m x 1.5m, water temperature of 28°C, air temperature of 31°C.

You will have an extraordinary experience of a complete relaxation studio, the first of its kind in Benecko and surroundings.

Ten wellness rules

  1. The wellness zone shall be entered only without swimsuit
  2. Please shower thoroughly and wash with soap, before entering the wellness zone
  3. Always shower before entering the whirlpool
  4. Kids under 2 years are not allowed to enter the wellness zone
  5. Kids under 18 years of age are allowed to enter only with a major person
  6. Wellness, massage and other procedures can only be taken by healthy persons and persons who do not suffer from dermal diseases
  7. Each guest is entitled to one bath sheet and one wellness sheet, please do not take out from the locker-room, when leaving!!!
  8. It is strictly prohibited to bring own beverages and food to the wellness zone.
  9. Negligent damage to the property shall be paid by the customer in full
  10. Wellness zone is an oasis of peace, please behave with respect to other visitors
This is simply cool. 36°C
A professional whirlpool bathtub, the heart of our wellness, for 4-5 persons. You will really rest up here and enjory relaxing water massages.

Taking sauna has effect on a number of body organs, e.g. skin, cardiovascular system, neurovegetative system, locomotive organs, but especially on airways and psyche- it relieves and alleviates stress, reduces anxiety and aggressiveness and also stimulates.

Steam Sauna is a sauna, where the temperature reaches a maximum of 60°C with the humidity of up to 100%. Its advantage is lower stress for the organism, therefore it can be also used by people with physical conditions (after consultation with the physician), because of which they cannot go to conventional sauna.

Hot steam relieves muscles, stimulates blood circulation and provides relief for many kinds of pain. Breathing in the steam sauna has positive effects on airways clogged with mucus. Steam sauna has provable effects on a human organism. Apart from effects on physical health, it also helps in eliminating stress and brings feeling of inside relaxation. Use of steam sauna cleanses and rejuvenates complexion, alleviates cellulite and reduces weight.

Kneipp path consists of two basins: most often these are two specially designed small vessels with pebbles. There is water at a temperature of approx. 40°C in one of them,the other holds water at approx. 12°C.

The treatment is performed by having the patient shuffling in the vessel with hot water for the period of about one minute and then for approx. 5 seconds in the vessel with cold water.

This cycle repeats several times. The last movement will be in cold water and following that feet will be wiped dry.

Complete relaxation.

Massage is provided by an external worker. Please inform about the availability.